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Takeover was fantastic. Skipped the women’s match, because fuck that.

NA title match was everything we hoped for, although I don’t know about the win for Adam Cole, because I think a feud with Black for the NXT title would be the natural progression. Dream brought the goods yet again.

Tag titles match was good, O’Reilly delivered big time, not sure how I feel about his gurning when he sells though. The ending was decent, should hopefully make Strong marginally more interesting. Don’t know how long Fish it out for (no doubt someone will tell me), but I’d be getting the belts off them soon and let Strong go for Black if that’s not the plan for Cole.

Almas and Black was far better than I was expecting. Almas just seems to click with everyone he faces, and I think he was the star performer in the match. Didn’t like the ending, though, but that was the story they were telling throughout, so it’s fair enough.

Main event started slowly, but the crowd more than made up for it. Loved the pure hatred, and I had completely forgot that the mat had been taken up by Ciampa, so that powerbomb was a great spot. A few botched things here and there, but just a great way to end the show.