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    Aim now is to get at least one achievement per day on my “XBox Games to Wrap Up” list and just slowly chip away at that while starting new games. I’ll do a daily update at the end of each of these updates.

    As a reminder my current goal is to get my XBox One Backlog under 100 games.

    Alright since last time….

    First up was Knight Squad which we’d got 2 achievements in back in the day I guess but which was on my XBox One To Do List. Fun little game and we had some fun multiplayer action with it all 4 of us. Got all the achievements in it to wrap it up at 15/15 achievements for 1k.

    Removed Evolve from my list as that’s another online game.

    I beat Saints Row: Gat out of Hell. The entire story mode is only like 4 hours. By the time I beat it I had 10 out of 45 achievements. While I could just throw it on my “Games to Wrap Up” list and ignore it for awhile – I’m still really enjoying it and want to keep playing. So while I HAVE put it on the “Wrap Up” list, I’m going to aim to get one “Wrap Up” achievement a day. So I’ll just slowly pick away at this one over time.

    I think I mentioned it last time but I started Joe Danger 2 as it was being removed from Game Pass. Finished that for 24/30 achievements or 280/400 gamerscore. Not worth the stress going for the others.

    Beat Halo: Spartan Assault. Fun game that I’d had on my list since I got my XBone. 10/30 achievements. Added to my “Games to Wrap Up” list and I’ll chip away at it over time.

    Bought Kingdoms of Amalur for the 360. Also Brave & Trials of the Blood Dragon were XBox Games with Gold.

    Games To Wrap Up Daily Log: 156
    March 5th; 2 achievements in Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell. One for upgrading a weapon to the max, the other for taking down an extraction facility while on a motorcycle.
    March 6th: 1 achievement in Halo: Spartan Assault for beating a level with max skulls active.

    Current Status(Forgot to track what my #s were from the old forums)

    XBox One Games: 124
    XBLA Games: 61
    XBox 360 Games: 99
    XBox Games To Wrap Up: 156

    Feeling good I can get the XBone games list down to below 99 in the next month or so.

    Gamerscore: 262,783
    True Achievement Score: 415,140
    100% Completed Games: 110
    Percentage: 59.2%


    I bought the Trials Fusion season pass on sale the other week. Wen’t through one set of DLC for all the chievos, will go through the rest at some point.

    Need to start getting through some games. I just seems to play COD multiplayer at this point.

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