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    So feeling pretty good. 8 more XBox One Games to go until I get that list below 100. And I’m pretty pumped as I’m looking forward to both tidying up my XBox 360 and XBLA lists AND getting into a few 360 games.

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    Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris: Started this with Ella and we’ll chip away at it as time permits. Onto the “Game to Wrap Up” list it goes. Currently at: 2/40 achievements.

    Never Alone: Got the last 2 achievements needed in this to 1k it. Off my “Games to Wrap Up” list although I’ll probs buy that DLC when its on sale.

    Trials of the Blood Dragon: I actually didn’t realize this was a “Trials” game ha. If only there was a hint in the name or something. Anyway I started it and it seems fun enough but all the Trials games are always pick up and randomly play for me – not sit there playing through it all. So on the Sports/Racing list it goes. Also noticed Trackmania Turbo is on my XBox games list even tho that’s a racing game – so off to the Sports/Racing list that goes!

    Superhot: Went through this. Quite a fun game. Something really different anyway. 12/25 achievements and on the “Games to Wrap Up” list.

    The Fall: Started and beat this. Short game but really fun. Great story to it. Got 9/17 achievements so will have to do a 2nd playthrough. Onto the “Games To Wrap Up” list it goes. Just checked and there’s a sequel so whenever that is on sale I’ll have to buy it.

    No Time To Explain: Started this with the kids and quite fun. One we’ll pick away at over time. 1 out of 10 achievements.

    Cuphead: Beat this for the most part. Difficult game. 6/28 achievements right now. We’ll chip away over time but bloody hell it’s a frustrating game.

    Limbo: This was a really fun game. I love puzzle platformers like this where there’s lots of checkpoints and you’re presented with only a few objects to really figure out a puzzle and so on. Finished this one for 5/13 achievements. To the Games to Wrap Up List it goes.

    Okay so now I got my “New XBox One Games” list under 100, the next task is to go through my New XBox 360/XBLA Games lists and clean them up. Basically there’s some sports/racing games on the lists that can go on that separate list. I also make a personal highlight of games that are less than 10 hours long for the story mode – nice to know what those games are if I just want to beat a game for a few hours. There also may be some games I have zero interest in playing.

    After doing that, the lists are:

    New XBox 360 Games: 85 (-14)
    New XBox One Games: 99 (-8)
    New XBLA Games: 57 (-5)
    Sports/Racing: 40 (+14)
    XBox Games To Wrap Up: 156 (+12)

    I’m not 100% sure how I want to handle sports/racing and XBox Games to Wrap Up yet. I’d like to either do something like “one achievement a day” or “one game a week” but I don’t think I’m up for that yet. It’d be nice to go through one after beating a “New” game but again not sure if I want to do that or not. Plus hell I want to play some fuckin gamepass games.

    So right now my main goal is get the “New” lists under 50. Not something that is going to happen overnight of course but I’d like to get that done by the end of the year. That’s a fair amount of games to play. I’m not going to work on a specific list or anything – just whatever takes my fancy.

    Here’s my stats since last time:

    Gamerscore: 270,123 (+2180)
    True Achievement Score: 427,654 (+4490)
    100% Completed Games: 113 (+1)
    Percentage: 58.84% (-0.07%)

    Feels pretty fuckin good to be done with that goal at least.


    Not on XBox but been playing the shit out of Witcher 3. Beat Hearts of Stone Sunday and on Blood and Wine currently.


    Have they patched it for PS4 Pro? Not sure if the Bone one has happened yet. Be tempted to play it again in 4k.


    Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris: Started this with Ella and we’ll chip away at it as time permits. Onto the “Game to Wrap Up” list it goes. Currently at: 2/40 achievements

    Was the final level Mom’s basement?


    Took me a minute to get that joke.

    Boner have you been playing Witcher 3 continuously or taking breaks or what? I’m tempted to get into it as I’ve heard a ton of good things but almost everyone I know starts it, gets all into it then just burns out.


    Once I felt I got closer to the end through going through the DLCs now I’ve pretty much been filling all free time with Witcher. That’s the past 3 weeks or so. Before that I would play in waves where I’d blow through it for 2 days then take a break, mostly cause I didn’t have big chunks of days to devote to it. It took me from Feb to mid May to beat the main game on a 75 hour playthrough, and that’s picking up as much side quests and Gwent as I could along the way. It’s definitely a game that gets its hooks in you, like a Fallout or Skyrim (forget if you liked those).


    Yeah, I don’t think it’s one you’d burn out on. I had the opposite problem’ it took me awhile to get into it. First 10 hours or so I thought it was pretty ok, then it got the hooks in. I put that down to not playing the others so not knowing the characters.

    Easily one of my favorite games though.


    I think it’s just a lot to take in at the beginning. Just looking at the fucking menus is a chore when you’re first starting out. Once you finish White Orchard you should feel like you’ve got the hang of it.


    Fallout 4 on game pass. Some UK store was selling cheap season passes too. Gone now but plenty up on ebay for cheap.


    Haven’t done an update since we’ve been at the new site. Havn’t done too much, should change in the next month or so hopefully.

    Far Cry 5: Mentioned playing this before but finally got the last co-op achievement for the full 1g. I really enjoyed it and didn’t mind the ending. Certainly not flawless though, but plenty here to like.

    The Turing Test:
    Was GwG awhile ago. Not a bad little puzzle game. Similar to Portal in tone although puzzles aren’t particularly hard up until the last level or two. Interesting story though, worth checking out if you pick it up cheap.

    Bridge Constructor Stunts: Bought in sales awhile ago and finally got around to playing. Probably enjoyed this a little less than the original. The big change is that you control the vehicles. Living up to the name levels are less constructing an bridge from A to B and more constructing elaborate jumps and ramps with lots of trial end error. If you liked the original might be worth a look if it’s 80%+ off.

    Dragon’s Lair: Had this since the 360. Noticed on TA there was an achievement for playing on that specific day, so fired it up for that and went through the rest. Nothing particularly hard here, just run throughs to learn the rooms and buttons.

    Gamerscore: 213 960
    True Achievement Score: 393 899
    100% Completed Games: 205
    Percentage: 96.59%

    Currently playing the DLC from Just Cause 3. Also picked up the Fallout 4 season pass and debating whether to play the DLC or do an entire new runthrough. Also need to play the single player aspect of COD at some point. I’d like to do that soonish as it will shoot the % up and I can see where I’m at with all games more or less done.

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    Quick update as I cleared COD and some others so more or less at baseline.

    Hitman: Had one bonus episode left to play. Went through for all related achievements. Great game and looking forward to the sequel. Surprised they ditched the episodic structure as I thought it worked really well for getting the most out of maps.

    Just Cause 3: Bought the season pass on sale so went through the DLC. Pretty much 3 new areas to clear with new equipment for both. Wasn’t too bad although just felt like some extra base game missions. Enjoyed it for cheap DLC, wouldn’t have been happy though if you paid full price for the season pass.

    Call of Duty: World War 2: Finally went through the single player. Pretty standard COD stuff; push lines with occasional big set pieces. There’s some tanks and plane missions too but the plane ones especially feel tacked on. Story wise it wasn’t too bad, although I thought it went off the rails a little at the end trying to be super serious which was a bit of a tonal shift from the rest of the game. Cut scenes are really well done as well, almost looks like live action sometimes. Ok I guess but who’s buying COD for the single player anyway?

    Finished for the majority of achievements, only three left. Didn’t think I’d get many for zombies, but ended up been able to do the easter egg solo. One achievement I think I can still get, which is for building four guns in zombies. Almost had it then one of the batteries I needed for the last gun glitched out of the map. I was a little salty about that. Enjoyed the zombies mode, probably a little easier than previous years. Especially since you can follow an in-game checklist. Still got the hard egg to try for but I’m not sure if that is doable solo. Will try surviving to wave 20 in the prologue too.

    Gamerscore: 215 385 (+1 425)
    True Achievement Score: 397 181 (+3 282)
    100% Completed Games: 207 (+2)
    Percentage: 97.17% (+.58%)

    Not sure what’s next. Will probably have a few more goes at zombie mode on COD. Also bought Burnout Paradise Remastered so will probably start that next.

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    Boners can get episode 3 of Hitman free at the moment.


    Ultimate Game Sale currently on. Deus Ex and Titanfall 2 jump out as must buys for the price if you haven’t played them.

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