Time to jump in the DeLorean, as we take a trip back in time to the olden days of the forums. Before we do however, there are a few rules. I've left all forums open, so you can see everything that was discussed, including army and survivor forums. The mods forum is not viewable.

Also I've created this forum so that you can use each new thread to discuss certain threads out there. So for example, if I wanted to discuss the Town Hall V2 Meeting Thread, I'd start a new thread here with that as the subject(not required, but recommended). I'd then provide a link to that thread in my original post, before posting whatever I wanted to post.

With that, here are links to the old forums we currently have backed up:

ProBoards: This was the second incarnation of the Scotsmanality Forums(the first being a Delphi forum). It wasn't used much, and died after a few weeks. This took place long before the chatterblock appeared on Scotsmanality. [-Archives Here-]. Please note you cannot use the links at the top of this forum to go back to the main forums - you have to just hit the back button on your browser.

The "True" Forums: The original forums of Scotsmanality, and what you've all came for. [-Archives Here-]

Any bugs, comments or questions, please PM me.